Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Free Books!

Heads up - lovely Sally Clements has two books going free this week on Amazon - it's like Christmas in May!

Click here to whizz over to Sally's blog to grab your copies, but be fast, they are only available for the next few days.

Go! Go! Go!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Honeysuckle Jones

I've just uploaded the first chapter of my brand spanking new manuscript, Honeysuckle Jones onto Authonomy, and now, of course, I have that anxious sick feeling that everyone will hate it. I entered this chapter into the recent Novelicious Undiscovered competition and didn't place, so am extra nervous that it's rubbish!
But... I kind of really like it, so i'm persevering with the story to see where it takes me.

It's the story of Honeysuckle Jones, the middle daughter of Jane Jones, a failed actress who blames her lack of success on her plain name rather than her dubious acting skills. When her daughters were born, she was determined that they would have names that made them stand out from the crowd – hence Cherry Blossom, Honeysuckle and Bluebell, born over three consecutive years to three different fathers.
This book tells Honeysuckle's story, and I'm thinking of writing Cherry & Bluebell's stories too, a trilogy of sisters.
Hey, it worked for Freya North...

If you have five minutes, give it a read through and let me know what you think?

Click here to read first chapter of Honeysuckle Jones