Wednesday, 26 October 2011


My name is Joanne, and i'm addicted to Authonomy.

Or actually, my Authonomy writing name is Millie, but either way, I have a new fave writing site to add to my list. I've chosen Millie as it's a shortening of my maiden name, and one of my best buddies always calls me by it so it feels familiar. In the land that dreams are made of, i'd like to have it as my published name.

Boy oh boy, Authonomy is huge! I have no clue what i'm doing yet, but am hoping to get the hang of it soon.

I've lurked on there since starting to write the ST, and this morning I finally took the plunge and uploaded the first three chapters. If anyone fancies a read, they're here:

The Lighthouse by Millie J

I've been really fortunate with comments so far, and have found so many new books to read. Have had a really giddy, happy kind of day.

Authonomy rocks!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Big news in my world

Yesterday I :

1) Made chicken soup
2) Vacuumed
3) Prevaricated over new boots
4) Posted the partial of my ST to agent in London
3) Drank wine to calm nerves

Did you spot the big huge scary thing in there? And no, not the vacuuming.

Yesterday was  D-Day. I  posted off the partial of 'The Lighthouse', along with a query letter that i've already decided was beyond stupid and the synopsis that near killed me and still includes a dead dog.

Not to mention the fact that I forgot to include the self addressed stamped envelope.


Had huge debate with myself over whether to send it separately, but then wouldn't that just draw attention to the fact and  look even worse?

It's no wonder I needed wine to calm down, is it? Am still feeling slightly hysterical, and am aware it's not going to get easier waiting for the mail every day for the foreseeable. At least I know there won't be a great thump as my m/s comes back, because I failed to send the flippin' envelope!

But anyway, it's gone. Wish me luck?