Monday, 15 March 2010

I am officially the most impatient person in the world.

After a truly pathetic nine day wait, I caved and emailed to double check when I might hear back about my partial.
I know, I know.
I regretted sending it as soon as I'd pressed the button, but it's too late then isn't it?

Thankfully though, they kindly humoured me and sent me some feedback without passing go - although given my email,they probably thought I was about to shove my head in the gas oven and didn't want my over dramatic death laid at their door! :o)

Anyhoo, I have work to do. They said really nice things about the newly revised chapter 1, it's much stronger for losing the child from the plot. Chapters 2 & 3 need work to make them more pacey, and ensure that the tension & sizzle stays as apparent as it is in the opening chapter.
All of the comments make perfect sense, and I can see just what they mean and want me to do to strengthen and tighten it up... am feeling nervous about it though as I've made a start and seem to be stumbling around a bit.
They suggested that I try and relax and have fun with it, so I'm consciously trying to do exactly that, and in doing so I've discovered a neat new trick.
Brace yourselves!
I'm generally barefoot when I'm at home, and usually curl my legs underneath me when I'm writing. But not anymore, ooooh no. In an effort to channel my inner sex kitten (!), I now put on my best high heels especially to write. And even more bizarrely, I think it's having a positive effect!
( Note to self: don't even THINK about getting a feather boa.. )

So, the next week or two will mostly find me editing in my stilettos, and then re-subbing and praying for more patience next time around.

Monday, 8 March 2010

The waiting is the worst bit isn't it?

My partial for Shoes, Lies & Video Tape went in last week - hooray!

I'm already obsessing about it of course, and even though I know I'm being unreasonable I want a reply RIGHT NOW!!!! :o)

I enjoyed writing it for the most part,especially the sexy dinner scene I mentioned in my last post. Who knew figs were so outrageously erotic?!
It's very hard not knowing what they think over at Mills & Boon, I'm dying to know if I am going in the right direction or if I need to back up and try again.
I'm just kind of plugging my fingers in my ears and carrying on with the rest of it in the mean time, it's the only thing to do really isn't it?

My birthday came and went in a happy fizz of vino, flowers and pretty notebooks. Also a thesaurus - much appreciated as my current wip involves far too much 'murmuring' and 'amusement'.
There's more words! Note to self: USE THEM!

Also rec'd the last of the Twilight' series of books, which is proving very distracting. I think I ended up on Team Jacob at the end of book 3, but am erring towards Team Edward as I go into this one.
I am all about vampire love at the moment... Mitchell from Being Human (sexiest man on the box)... Edward Cullen... Bill from True Blood... Bite me! Please!