Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The stalker strikes again, and a snippet of news...

Following on from my slightly stalkerish behaviour of looking up M&B HQ on streetmap, I was further thrilled to discover fab pics OF THE INSIDE of the building WITH REAL LIVE PEOPLE in the shots! lol! I am sure it's OK to link for anyone equally eager, it's on the fabuloso Michelle Willinghams facebookfan page.
S'OK... you don't have to admit to being as nerdy/needy as me though. Just swizz down the page a while and you'll find pics...

And the snippet of news - I am now into week 8 since subbing my full manuscript into M&B, and the ed has kindly let me know that it's being read by the Senior Ed and they'll hopefully let me know their thoughts soon.

It was SO good to hear an update, it's really broken up the waiting time to get an idea of what's happening with it. Thank you lovely editor.
I am crossing everything I have to cross and hoping that they think it's worth revisions.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Feeling Minxy!

Exciting news for me!


Thanks to the minx's, I think i'm going to love being part of your merry band!

Too many exclamation marks going on in this post, but I make no apology!!!!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

A book recommendation...

Oh my.

*Fan girl alert*

I generally love all of the releases in the Modern Heat line, but I have just finished one that really was just too gorgeous for words.
It was so beautifully written that it made me sigh with envy, and in return it has inspired me to work harder, to push on and dig deeper into my own characters.  It also perfectly demonstrated to me how you can make familiar plot lines completely fresh and utterly believable if you really think hard enough. Did I say I love it already?
It's a reunion story, so it allows for all of that deep emotion right from the get go, and boy do you get it by the bucket load.

The book in question?

Red-Hot Renegade by Kelly Hunter.
I mean, I always enjoy Kelly's books anyway, but this one... well, I love it best of all.
She's painted the characters so vividly - I fell in love with Jacob and I wanted to be Jianne's best friend, so I think you can safely say that it ticked all the boxes of a perfect romance for me.

Five stars and then some from me, it's a keeper on my book shelf.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Cyber Shinies Anyone?

I know a few of us have chatted about this on the Mills & Boon forum, and it's way too much fun not to share it around... with many thanks to Michelle Styles for letting us in on the system...

All Hail the Silver Bucket!!!

Clutch it in case you're sick on those days when the nerves get too much, or chill your champagne in it if you're feeling super positive.

Free gifts for anyone who's NTAI, and here's the deal - the longer you wait, the more bling you get.
OK - it's not going to make waiting suddenly simple, but it sure will make it shinier.

I'm currently sporting a sterling silver bucket with a shiny red garnet, and have to say i'm really rather taken with it.

Come help yourselves to your own bling...

These are the cyber charms you can collect and put on your own personal cyber bucket...
For sending off a partial: you get a silver plated bucket
For sending off a full: you get a sterling silver bucket
For sending off revisions of a full: you a solid silver bucket with your name engraved.
Get a request for revisions, you get:
1 carat pair of diamond studs in your choice of cut
Each completed month you wait for a response earns you the following book charms with gems to add to your bucket in them:
1 month = Garnet.        7 months = Ruby.
2 months =Amethyst.      8 months = Peridot
3 months = Aquamarine   9 months = Sapphire
4 months = Diamond         10 months= Opal
5 months = Emerald     11 months= Topaz
6 months = Pearl        1 year = Zircon
For every year you add behind a month, you add a carat.
For every Rejection:
Rejection of Partial—Gold Mourning Ring
Rejection of Full------Platnium Mourning Ring
For Lost Articles :
Lost query: pearl earrings
Lost manuscript: ruby earrings and matching ring

Shinies make the world go round. :o)


Thursday, 1 July 2010

New hero love

I have been unfaithful.
Get your coat Jack, i've moved on and fallen in love with my new hero. *swoon*.

I'm glad actually, as I wasn't sure how to detach myself from my first couple, but in actual fact it isn't that hard once you get teeth into two brand new characters is it?
I took a week or two writing break after pressing send on my full submission, and am now getting back in the saddle again with two completely different characters.We are still very much at the getting to know each other stage, and i'm looking forward to putting them through their paces over the next few weeks.
Brace yourselves Connor & Annie, i'm coming to get you!

I've just hit the one month mark since subbing my full, and I have to confess to finding the wait slightly...er, totally agonising.
I know a month is nothing in relative terms.
I know a month is a drop in the ocean.
I know I have to just keep on keeping on.
No news is good news I guess, and on the bright side, at least I haven't had bad news.

Self indulgent grumble over. :o)