Monday, 19 April 2010

Happy days!

Hooray Hooray Hooray!

Email in my inbox today from HM&B. Cue HUGE churn of stomach and a few deep breaths before letting myself click on it. For some reason I had to clear the room before I could read it, had to send the kids into the garden and flap around for a second before opening it.

Anyway, the lovely editor gave me positive feedback on my partial, and a request for the full manuscript. :o)

Feeling ridiculously happy - top of the world in fact!

I need to email back a rough completion date, and then get my head well and truly down.

Might just have a little glass of celebratory vino tonight first though... :o)


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Erm... Maisey? HELP!

My send finger is twitching!

How do you all do it? I seriously need to cultivate some patience, I am compulsively checking my inbox for a response about my partial, or else I am wondering if it's too soon to check again after the last time!

It's only been a laughable 8 days!!!! And four of those were frickin holiday days!!

Note to self:- GET A GRIP.

Cyber slaps required please, & distraction suggestions too. I am thinking chocolate & vodka? And write, write, write. Even that is loads harder with the kids at home though, and they are off for another eleven days.

It's too early for wine here, so am going to eat my own weight in chocolate over the course of the afternoon - and that would be no mean feat, let me tell ya!!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Back to biting my nails...

I've just pressed send on my revised partial, and feel a bit giddy already!

Email pinged back right back in to say thanks and they'll get back to me after the Easter break - please let me cultivate some patience this time around? Someone stop me if I cave in and think about emailing them in a week or so?
I *think* it's much stronger for the revisions, I just desperately hope that they feel the same over in Richmond.
I'm looking forward to the Easter hols - what's not to love about a house full of chocolate? I Especially love the part when the kids are in bed and I can launch a stealth attack on their egg supply. :o)