Friday, 25 June 2010

Five years ago today...

was my wedding day. *wistful sigh*

So i'm going to have an unashamed swoon over my very own handsome hero, who makes me every bit as happy as the lucky heroines between the pages of a Mills & Boon romance.
He's been in Austria for a few days and I have been ridiculously bereft and lonely - but he gets home tonight so all is well with the world.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Obsessive? Me? never...

Not much anyway. :o)

I was looking up an address on google maps earlier, and found myself then checking out where the Mills and Boon HQ is in Richmond, and then, oh the joy - it's been streetmapped! You can actually move the little yellow man thingy and see the building!!
I spent a few happy minutes twizzling the camera up and down the street and looking at the building from one side and then the other - I am easily amused, obviously.
Have to admit to being a smidge (unreasonably) disappointed at the lack of glamour though, think I expected more razzmatazz and roses-around-the-door romance to exude from it.
I did get a little thrill when I read the door plate though. It exists! And my manuscript is in there, albeit virtually...

Have painted my nails bright blue today to stop myself from biting them. Thank you Michelle. x

Friday, 11 June 2010

It's away!

I only went and blummin' finished it!!

My full manuscript is now in the hands of the gods, or the editor as she is otherwise known.

I have NO idea what she's going to make of it, and at just one week into the wait I of course already have no nails left at all, have convinced myself that it was utter rubbish, and think she's just trying to decide how to say that tactfully.

This is my first manuscript, and the thrill of typing THE END was... well, it was a total champagne moment. Just knowing that I can write something of the required length has been a big thing to me, I had no idea if I could, and now I KNOW I can. Regardless of the fact it might be terrible, I can still write a full manuscript. And if I can do one, then hopefully I can do it again, right?

I haven't dared read it again since sending it, because I know i'll find errors straight away and think of other ways I should have done things. So it will remain closed until I hear back, and I'm going to crack on with a new story in the mean time to stop myself from going slowly crazy. Who am I kidding? Please tell me it's normal to think of nothing else once you've pressed send?

Sad admission coming up. I miss my hero. *sigh*
I love love loved writing the HEA, again my first chance to have a go at it, and isn't it just the loveliest thing ever? It gave me a proper afterglow of rosy contentment, I was mooning over Jack and sighing with happiness. I was good for nothing!

Better go, I haven't chewed my nails in at least five minutes...