Thursday, 29 October 2009

I think I may have..

finished my competition entry. FINALLY. Wow, it's been much harder than I anticipated, and I am so close to the deadline now that there's no going back and changing it now.
I've written the bare bones of the synopsis and am currently fleshing them out with the hope of pressing SEND tomorrow or on Saturday.
 I honestly can't wait, just to be a part of the contest is such a huge thrill, and I've seriously  doubted i'd have anything I felt able to submit a fair few times along the way.
Although it's only 5 thousand words, it's taken me an age, which makes me question my ability to write with any speed. To help me with this (theoretically) I'm signing up for NaNoWriMo via the eharlequin site. I've never done it before so it's another first, looking forward to getting my teeth into that. I'm planning to use it to write the rest of the competition novel, seeing as the word count currently stands at 5000. Only another 45000 to go then...

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