Monday, 8 March 2010

The waiting is the worst bit isn't it?

My partial for Shoes, Lies & Video Tape went in last week - hooray!

I'm already obsessing about it of course, and even though I know I'm being unreasonable I want a reply RIGHT NOW!!!! :o)

I enjoyed writing it for the most part,especially the sexy dinner scene I mentioned in my last post. Who knew figs were so outrageously erotic?!
It's very hard not knowing what they think over at Mills & Boon, I'm dying to know if I am going in the right direction or if I need to back up and try again.
I'm just kind of plugging my fingers in my ears and carrying on with the rest of it in the mean time, it's the only thing to do really isn't it?

My birthday came and went in a happy fizz of vino, flowers and pretty notebooks. Also a thesaurus - much appreciated as my current wip involves far too much 'murmuring' and 'amusement'.
There's more words! Note to self: USE THEM!

Also rec'd the last of the Twilight' series of books, which is proving very distracting. I think I ended up on Team Jacob at the end of book 3, but am erring towards Team Edward as I go into this one.
I am all about vampire love at the moment... Mitchell from Being Human (sexiest man on the box)... Edward Cullen... Bill from True Blood... Bite me! Please!


  1. Commiserations... but perhaps not knowing is better - lol!! I've just got revisions and they're SCARY!!!

  2. Hi,

    There's a saying "it's easier to get over a lover by taking another", and think that applies to novels!

    The sooner new characters and a plot take shape the better, you won't even notice time flying by, and before you know it (fingers crossed) good news will be knocking on your door. :)



  3. Good luck, Joanne! I know what you mean about the waiting. I'm just entering week 11. Sigh.

  4. Yay on the sending off of the partial! Hoping for great news for you.

  5. Good luck Joanne! I love your blog design. Did you do it yourself? Love the chocolate and blue. I couldn't figure out how to do the contrasting on my own blog so I left it at white with red accent.

    Belated congrats on the Presents competition. Hope to see your name on a Presents soon.

    Take Care.

  6. Keeping everything crossed for good news soon.


  7. Hi Rach,
    I've just learned exactly that about revisions - will do another post about that though..xx

    Hey Francine, good to see you.Thanks for the good wishes. x

    Hiya Jackie - 11 weeks - that seems like forever. Hope they come good soon for you.x

    Hi Jo - Thank you! x

    Hi Gibb, lovely to see you!
    I used '' for the blog design - it was pretty easy, I am a complete technophobe so it must have been OK or else I def wouldn't have managed it. :o)
    Thank you for your congrats! I'm about to head over to your blog for a read...xx

    Hiya Suzanne :o) Thank you. xx You can uncross actually, I have an update...