Friday, 11 June 2010

It's away!

I only went and blummin' finished it!!

My full manuscript is now in the hands of the gods, or the editor as she is otherwise known.

I have NO idea what she's going to make of it, and at just one week into the wait I of course already have no nails left at all, have convinced myself that it was utter rubbish, and think she's just trying to decide how to say that tactfully.

This is my first manuscript, and the thrill of typing THE END was... well, it was a total champagne moment. Just knowing that I can write something of the required length has been a big thing to me, I had no idea if I could, and now I KNOW I can. Regardless of the fact it might be terrible, I can still write a full manuscript. And if I can do one, then hopefully I can do it again, right?

I haven't dared read it again since sending it, because I know i'll find errors straight away and think of other ways I should have done things. So it will remain closed until I hear back, and I'm going to crack on with a new story in the mean time to stop myself from going slowly crazy. Who am I kidding? Please tell me it's normal to think of nothing else once you've pressed send?

Sad admission coming up. I miss my hero. *sigh*
I love love loved writing the HEA, again my first chance to have a go at it, and isn't it just the loveliest thing ever? It gave me a proper afterglow of rosy contentment, I was mooning over Jack and sighing with happiness. I was good for nothing!

Better go, I haven't chewed my nails in at least five minutes...


  1. Trust me I FEEL your pain. I AM on total edge. Was SIX weeks on my full yesterday - I alternate between thinking it's brilliant and they'll buy it without revisions (yeah right) and thinking I'll get an R. Am now at the stage, I'm dreading an email. Calls don't come in emails, do they?? LOL

    Congrats on finishing and subbing!

  2. I love writing the HEA.
    Hope you don't have to wait too long Joanne. Maybe you're looking at a lifetime of acrylic nails???

    Fingers crossed for you :-)

  3. lol Rach, I know - checking your emails becomes a terrfiying yet addictive pass time doesn't it?
    6 weeks, oh man. I am a long way behind you and climbing the walls already, but then I KNOW that I have to cultivate more patience as I have... er.... none!
    Thank you for the congrats. xx

    That's a good idea! Thank you for the good wishes. x

  4. Congrats, Joanne!! Well done for sending it away. Yes, totally normal to think of nothing else. But definitely crack into the next one, it's the only way to stop yourself from going mad with the waiting. At least, that's how I deal with it and I have no patience to speak of either.

  5. Hi Jo,

    congrats on finishing it and sending it off. I'm currently at ELEVEN weeks on my full so I can relate to the waiting thing. This time I seem to have diluted the usual pain by giving myself a pseudonym and subbing to another line in between times. It's made for a definite distraction :-)


  6. Hi Jackie, cheersm'dear.
    I've spent most of today working on my new heroine and she's kind of coming together.
    I can't remember what gave me the initial idea for my 1st manuscript, but this time around i'm kind of developing the heroine because she's the one who came to me, and am then going to work on a hero who will challenge everything she is.
    I am finding it a great distraction, but still... the emails keep pinging in and making my heart beat a bit faster. I must unsubscribe to all of the rubbish I get newsletters from, because at this rate i'll have a heart attack. ;o)

    Hey Robyn!
    Love the new psuedonym!
    Spreading your net wide has got to catch more fish, right? Lots of luck.
    Am enjoying the sevensassysisters too, going well!

  7. Huge congratulations on completing your manuscript and submitting!!! What a wonderful feeling :)

    Isn't it incredibly awesome to think that you've finished a whole book? No matter what happens, you've done something most people never do. Very cool!

    I'll cross my fingers for you that you don't need to wait too long, and that the news is fabulous!

  8. Congratulations Joanne on finishing and sending it. How can you be so controlled? I'm laughing at you saying your not going to look at it until you hear back, what great willpower! Here's hoping you hear something in the near future and it's all good news!

  9. Hi,

    Many congrats on getting it sent off!

    Glad to hear you're getting your teeth into next project. It's much the best way to cope during the long wait!!


  10. Well done, hope you hear good news soon, Joanne.

  11. Congrats Joanne - everything crossed for you :-)

    It's one big achievement to finish the full and you should feel proud that you've actually done that. As Leah has said, it's a hell of a lot more than most people do - or will ever do, come to that. And you've sent it off the best you can possibly make it, so you need to take confidence from that.

    Just hang on in there, as hard as that is, and bury yourself in your new h&h. I'm sure you'll soon love him every bit as much as Jack :-)

    Here's hoping for news not TOO far away - of the good variety, obviously.


    Oh, and glad you're enjoying the Sassies, BTW :-)

  12. Congrats on finishing. Now you know you can.

    And the question about emails and calls. The answer is that sometimes, they do email first to arrange a time to call. It depends on what is going on...
    But ultimately you want a really strong ms for your first book because if you thought editors were harsh, the general public can be worse!

    Right now, the best thing you can do is to forget the ms and concentrate on the next one.

    Oh and paint your nails so you are not tempted to bite them.

  13. Hi Leah, thank you! That's a great way to think of it, it really was a thrill to type 'The End'.crossed fingers very much appreciated! x

    Hey Susan :o)
    It's not willpower, it's fear!! lol
    Fingers crossed for you too buddy. x

    Hi Francine, thank you! Yup, you're right - the new project is doing wonders for NTAI. Helps that my new hero is a bad boy rather than a good one... ;O)

    Hiya Suzanne! Thank you for the good wishes. Congrats on the Minx's blog btw - loving it! x

    Jilly, it's great to see you! Thanks, it does feel like a good achievement to have completed it - even if this one doesn't see the light of day, I now at least know I can see it through to the end. I'm still missing Jack at the mo, my new hero is still sketchy in my mind. The heroine is clear, but i'm working on the plot a little now to try to define who the hero needs to be if that makes any sense.
    Yeah, am enjoying the sassies, great fun! x

    Hello Michelle, thanks for stopping by and for the very appreciated congrats.
    I can only imagine the fear of the general public's opinion - as you say, it doesn't get any easier!
    Great tip re the nail biting - I have some funky blue nail polish that looks terrible chipped so i might go and put a coat on!
    Thank you xx