Monday, 5 July 2010

Cyber Shinies Anyone?

I know a few of us have chatted about this on the Mills & Boon forum, and it's way too much fun not to share it around... with many thanks to Michelle Styles for letting us in on the system...

All Hail the Silver Bucket!!!

Clutch it in case you're sick on those days when the nerves get too much, or chill your champagne in it if you're feeling super positive.

Free gifts for anyone who's NTAI, and here's the deal - the longer you wait, the more bling you get.
OK - it's not going to make waiting suddenly simple, but it sure will make it shinier.

I'm currently sporting a sterling silver bucket with a shiny red garnet, and have to say i'm really rather taken with it.

Come help yourselves to your own bling...

These are the cyber charms you can collect and put on your own personal cyber bucket...
For sending off a partial: you get a silver plated bucket
For sending off a full: you get a sterling silver bucket
For sending off revisions of a full: you a solid silver bucket with your name engraved.
Get a request for revisions, you get:
1 carat pair of diamond studs in your choice of cut
Each completed month you wait for a response earns you the following book charms with gems to add to your bucket in them:
1 month = Garnet.        7 months = Ruby.
2 months =Amethyst.      8 months = Peridot
3 months = Aquamarine   9 months = Sapphire
4 months = Diamond         10 months= Opal
5 months = Emerald     11 months= Topaz
6 months = Pearl        1 year = Zircon
For every year you add behind a month, you add a carat.
For every Rejection:
Rejection of Partial—Gold Mourning Ring
Rejection of Full------Platnium Mourning Ring
For Lost Articles :
Lost query: pearl earrings
Lost manuscript: ruby earrings and matching ring

Shinies make the world go round. :o)



  1. Great idea. Love the lovely shinies.


  2. Hi,

    A question: if two partials are sent (MD & H) is it double the amount of gems? = one per ms!

    Either way I'd be wracking up the gems big-time!


  3. Hi Jo,

    I've had some fun at my blog re cyber shinies:
    anyone looking for gem source I'm giving them away!

    And, oh so cheated by putting a bottle of bubbly in mine (not about being optomism) just because got have something to do whilst waiting!