Monday, 6 September 2010

Well, that's 24 hrs I can't get back.

My name is Joanne & I'm officially addicted to reading the Mills & Boon New Voices competition entries.

Glaringly obvious note to self: Stop reading, start writing.


  1. OMG I KNOW!! I was reading from the time it went online last night to when I went to sleep - needless to say, NO writing was done during the only chance I get during the day! And then first thing this morning, I'm back online. But so many more have gone on overnight, that I just KNOW I won't be able to keep up!

    When do you think you'll upload yours!?

  2. Yes when, Joanne?? Lol! Get writing, girl! :-)

  3. Haha! It's a test of our will power. Either that or we'd all better get working on a time machine...

  4. Me too! Me too! How much fun is this!

  5. I know girls - I've just fired up the net and where do you think the first place I checked was? You guessed it.
    Today I WILL work on my entry some more - although I must pop over and read Jackie's no doubt fabulouso chapter when they put the new ones up. Can't wait!

    I'm not sure when i'm going to press send - asap really. Will let you know when I do though. :o)

    How bout you guys?

  6. Hehe, only the threat of missing my train home stopped me from reading further yesterday. Today, I'm pacing myself or I'll pay for it. You've already had me googling Tom Welling....

  7. May have to wield a Minx CP stick in your direction Jo, we want to read your fabulous chapter :-)
    Report to the Minx group by Friday or we'll put you in detention (with no internet access ;-)

  8. Googling Tom there's a pass time I likes Sally! lol!

    Lorraine - I am very glad to have the minx stick prodding me sharply in the ribs, I need it! Am happy to report have worked pretty solidly today (apart from reading Jackie & Rach's chapters and thinking about fetching my coat / sticking my head in the oven / both if possible - go girls, I LOVED THEM!!!! )
    Will vote for you as soon as I sign up to the site, I really enjoyed them both. x

  9. Spot the deliberate mistake.
    Minxy Maya morphed into Minxtastic Sally.
    I blame Tom Welling.
    Nuff said.

  10. Aw thanks Joanne! You are a DOLL! Cannot WAIT to read yours too. x

  11. Hi,

    I've posted 4 entries on my blog with direct links to M&B, if you know of any more let me know. Just post the title in comments! I'll track it down and link it! I'm sure out of 90 followers I can drum some votes and decent

  12. I'm a NV Addict too! Perhaps we need to set up some form of NVA (New Voices Annon) to wean us off our habit? But then on second is fun. Caroline x

  13. I too am lurking when I SHOULD be writing... I highly doubt I will have anything worthy though - I mean look at the calibre of the entries!! My two lovely CP's Jackie and Rach are doing so well, am proud of them muchly!!