Friday, 8 October 2010

KOKO cocktail anyone?

So, the news is out over on New Voices, and I didn't make bootcamp.

Am disappointed of course that my entry didn't make the cut, but the numbers were huge and the standard was high.
Huge good luck to everyone going onto round two, and a special fingers crossed for my blog buddy Leah Ashton. Fingers crossed for you! x

Am also sad that alot of other entries I loved didn't make it through either. There were so many outstanding chapters on there, I don't envy the job of the M&B ed's at all.

My personal plan is to revise my chapter before sending it in, but I will confess that i'm feeling Shaky Mcflaky about it.  On the plus side, I was lucky enough to get some terrific advice from Heidi Rice  - thank you Heidi, you rock and it's been a big help. :o)

Anyhoo, the point to this post is to invite you to join me in a highly alcoholic KOKO cocktail (pink, obviously - what other colour for romance writers?) , and then head over to the minxes site to join the after show party...

                                Keep On Keepin' On my friends, 
                                         Keep On Keepin' On.


  1. At this very moment, I feel completely clueless. Bring on the booze!
    Today I party. Tomorrow I write. Best of luck to everyone.

  2. Thanks for the KOKO, Jo. It's going down a treat with my chocolate :-)

  3. You are me are both pretty clueless as there were some chapters I felt sure would be on that list. Yours included obviously. It's left me wondering if I really have any idea what they're looking for. I'll have a strawberry daiquiri please!

  4. Here's to KOKO cocktails - if only we could all get together in a real room and drink them!

    Like you, I'm disappointed and perplexed. I didn't make the list either but have already subbed (with Heidi's feedback helping me rewrite) and await a response. I'm really struggling with how the list was formed too. Sure, I thought my entry was 'good enough' but I definitely had YOU pegged as being there and so many other fabulous entries.

    My only guess is that the NEW voices thing was literal. They are already working with us and a lot of the chaps' authors I loved. It does make me wonder a bit why we were told to enter though!?

    Good luck with your rewriting! You're chap ROCKED and seriously if Richmond don't want it, then try it at BLAZE. It deserves to see the light of publication!!! '

    PS. If you wanna commiserate and whine via email ever - I'm on Pink.Ink @ gmail dot com

  5. I want to join the clueless club! None of the chapters that I loved are on that list :( I hope you'll submit anyway Jo despite those shaky feelings!

  6. Can I have two please? I like having my drinks lined up. Maybe we can start a clueless club cause I too am perplexed, confused, puzzled, etc...

  7. At least we can all be clueless cocktail drinkers together. :o)

    Hey Tina, have a KOKO. You def have the write attitude (see? I can still make a joke, I mustn't be at the head in oven stage yet then), and I'm looking forward to having you as a new blogland buddy.x

    Jo - you're gonna be sick! lol!x

    coming up Susan, thanks for popping by. Yeah, confusing isn't it? I guess we can only sub and hope. (fingers still firmly cross for good news for you soon).x

    Wouldn't that be some party Rach if we could all really be together?
    BIG kudos to you for having your re-write done and subbed, that was super speedy! Heidi knows her onions and you are a fab writer, so i'm betting that your sub will be dynamite. Go get em!
    I'm going to order some blaze books, I haven't read any up to date ones. Although reading the interview with Brenda Chinn, the wait times are huge and chances of success are low, so I honestly don't know. I really wanted to be a Riva girl, but I guess it's a case of finding where your voice really fits.
    Voice. aaargh! I think that is what has been most knocked by the comp for lots of us - we have been left doubting that we have voices they still want to hear. Are they looking for something different? I honestly don't know. I'm just going to do the re-write as best I can and see how it fares.x

    Hey lovely Lacey. Hope you'll sub too, your chapter was terrific - it caused a stir in blogland when you posted it up! x

    Janette, pull up a pew and i'll get your drinks. That list could go on and on huh?
    I know. I guess the only thing we can do is work our hardest and hope for the best in the end. Hope you have some terrific news soon, it's been a while now hasn't it? xx

  8. Hey Joanne,

    I know I'm a bit late but I was feeling much too flu-ey last night and was afraid to mix alcohol with my meds. This morning though I'm feeling much better so any chance I can get one now?? As to being clueless, well count me in. I have no idea how this whole competition has worked because for me a lot of the best chapters I read made no list at all. Maybe a couple weeks down the line and things will start making sense, I don't know. But it was fun and I guess we should have learned something, right? I think the only thing for us to do now is to write, polish and sub and show the editors as M&B what they 'almost' missed out on.

    All the best with your chapter & suckopsis.

  9. sorry for typos! It's the meds!

  10. Keep On Keepin' On, and remember, most of us got picked up out of the good old fashioned slush pile. :-)

  11. Aw thanks Jo :)

    I hope you feel better soon Aideen, nasty flu!

    *waves to Julie*

  12. Hey Jo, you have a fantastic voice and lots of options open to you. Like Julie said, keep on keeping on.

    I don't need any cocktails, I'll pour one out for my homies in the slush pile though....

  13. Hugs, Jo. I LOVED your chapter.


  14. YUM! I'm going to call in for a Koko cocktail every day this week, if that's okay?