Monday, 22 November 2010

Seduced by Single Title...

It's just coming on for six weeks since I sent in my first chapter of the burlesque book to be looked at by the lovely editor at M&B, and no news yet. Early days yet though so am trying no to obsess about it.
Tried Nano and have ducked out early,but it was not my fault. (I can actually hear the laughter from here.)

But seriously, it wasn't, because, Oolala, I've been seduced! I have, I have!

Well, kind of.

It all started with the fabulous 'So You Think You Can Write' event over on eharlequin.

I really wanted to enter a chapter into their '1st chapter & synopsis' with guaranteed feedback, what a golden opportunity.
BUT - you had to have a completed manuscript to sub from, or else be working madly on something to finish it in time, and sadly I fell into neither of those camps.

Not to be deterred, I thought i'd start something brand spanking new, and sat down to brainstorm - I actually had a pencil and paper and everything, lol! My plan was to try to use Nano to write something that would hopefully be up to scratch to sub.
Am glad I did too, as it resulted in a new idea I thought I could work on.

And then came the big old but...

BUT. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that it prob wouldn't work for Harlequin / M&B afterall as it needed to involve some secondary characters quite heavily. I prodded and poked it, but it was no good. It refused to fit.

But I love this story!!! I wailed into my vino & and to the lovely minxy girls, and after gnashing my teeth and moaning for a bit I made the decision to have my first ever bash at writing something different. It's still a romance of course - I love it way too much to leave it. :o)

Have to say it's all quite scary so far. Am enjoying it hugely, but on the flip side am pretty sure it's probably a big pile of crap, and at times I feel a bit rudderless without the parameters of series romance to work within.

So that's me for now.

It's just me and my single title big idea, flapping around together to see if we like each other. Or kill each other. Will report back...


  1. Well I can tell you one thing, it won't be crap. You're much too good a writer for that! Go with the flow, and I'd LOVE to read some when you're ready!!

  2. Go, Joanne!! Always got to have another iron in the fire. And hey, I'm up to five weeks on my chapter/synopsis with no news. Happy with that for the moment. :-)

  3. What a fab idea! Go with the flow and congrats on being brave enough to break out of the 'box'. Go you!!

  4. Thank you Sally, you have bolstered my confidence there. :o)
    Will def share it just as soon as it is has grown to sufficient length to be worth a read - it'sa bit like knitting a scarf this, isn't it? lol!xx

    Hiya Jackie - we can dither on the sub bench together then. I guess we might be there a while huh, given all of the comp follow ups and subs. What say you we crack a few chocolate martini's to pass the time? xx

    Howdie Jo! That's def the plan, just go with the flow and see where I end up! xx

  5. Go for it Joanne! Your single title sounds good. But 6 weeks?? I almost hate the way we all nod and say "Yes, but that's not long?" I just have no patience.....

  6. I'm so thrilled that you're turning it into a single title! Go Jo!

  7. For some reason I only just stumbled upon this post! But like the others, I say GO FOR IT!!!! Your voice is so awesome that you'll go far whatever line/type of book you decide to go for!!

  8. Hi Joanne, I just followed your blog from the minxes. I also echo "go for it" after reading your post!

  9. I am just having the same experience, Jo! My Superromance idea turned into a Blaze (which is what I entered it into SYTYCW as), but now it's very definitely turning single title. Slight possibility it could still be a Super, especially as they are lengthening that line to 75,000 next year.
    Good luck with yours, hope you are having fun with the writing!