Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I have finally settled on a name for my ST project.


The Lighthouse.

Anyone want to guess what it's about, lol?!

(and no, it's not a flasher.)


  1. I LOVE lighthouses!!! How far along are you? Where are you targetting it?

  2. Thanks nas, I hope so! I am having a ball with it,but whether I can translate that onto the paper remains to be seen. Am having fun though, so that's gotta be fun eh?

    Rach - I bring bad news. The story is not about a lighthouse! lol!
    I'm heading for the half way point with it at the mo, but it's going to need a very thorough double dose of editing and sparkle-ating before it's anywhere near passable. (I made that word up, I know.) I'm more of a pantser than a plotter by nature, and I tend to write quite slowly as I self edit as I go along. Because this is a longer project I'm trying to do less of that - I want to get it down all the way to the end so that I don't lose my momentum, and then edit heavily on the next pass.

    As for where i'm targeting it... not sure yet. As I have no real clue with the whole ST thing, I figured i'd write the thing first and worry about what to do with it later. That isn't much of a plan is it?!


  3. LOL on the lighthouse Joanne! And I only asked all those questions cos I'm in the same place at the moment. Flying into the misty unknown that is ST. I'm trying not to jump ahead and think about submission but just enjoy myself, but I'm been thinking about publication for so long that sometimes I find it tricky.
    Happy writing anyway.

  4. We should swap notes then Rach, it's a scary thing this ST business isn't it?
    Are you sticking with the romance genre?