Sunday, 24 July 2011

Ticking along nicely

Ola amigo's! Summer is upon us, which means the kids are now all mine for six whole weeks - goodbye lovely writing time, i'll miss you! Actually I won't, because I'm determined to make time before they wake and after they sleep - i'm on a bit of a roll, so stopping isn't an option.

I'm still writing the first draft of my ST attempt, word count is currently 63,000 with an aim of around 80,000, so almost eighty percent there. I'm currently slightly obsessed with updating my ticker at the end of each writing session to see it inch towards the end, but happily I know what actually needs to happen to get me there. All praise the pretty plan! Thank you, Julie!

I am hopeful that I'll reach the end of this draft before the end of the six week holidays, but then what do I do next? Do I dive straight back in for editing, or is it best to put it away for a bit and come back to it with fresh eyes? And how long does that take? And

I read that the 2011 New Voices comp has been announced. Exciting stuff! I think i'm going to declare myself out this time around, am not brave enough. Or should I flip the coin over to the positive side and say i'm going to be brave and stick with the ST despite not knowing if it's a big old bag of crap?

Yeah, that sounds better doesn't it?

Happy summer everyone! Unless it's your winter of course....


  1. Great to hear you're still having fun and enjoying the ST! Hope yours doesn't turn into the book that won't end like mine :) I was aiming for 80k maybe 90k and am now at 105. Hoping to finish this week.
    I'd definitely recommend putting it away for a while and then editing!
    I can't wait to leave mine and get stuck into something new.


  2. Hugs on the kids being out. :-) I've got mine for another week. But I am still writing! Yay for the ST!

  3. I'm liking the positive side of the coin. Sticking with the ST is a brave decision too :-) Happy writing, Jo!

  4. The single title sounds fab Joanne. But are you sure you can't be tempted by New Voices? Just one tiny, litle chapter while you're "resting" the single title?.....
    I'm such a bad influence!

  5. I'm so happy for you. :)
    The thought of writing a ST daunts me. I think it's the seemingly huge word count that scares me!
    I'm so excited for you. I echo Scarlet... New Voices could be a nice break for you... pun intended! ;)