Saturday, 1 October 2011

Big news in my world

Yesterday I :

1) Made chicken soup
2) Vacuumed
3) Prevaricated over new boots
4) Posted the partial of my ST to agent in London
3) Drank wine to calm nerves

Did you spot the big huge scary thing in there? And no, not the vacuuming.

Yesterday was  D-Day. I  posted off the partial of 'The Lighthouse', along with a query letter that i've already decided was beyond stupid and the synopsis that near killed me and still includes a dead dog.

Not to mention the fact that I forgot to include the self addressed stamped envelope.


Had huge debate with myself over whether to send it separately, but then wouldn't that just draw attention to the fact and  look even worse?

It's no wonder I needed wine to calm down, is it? Am still feeling slightly hysterical, and am aware it's not going to get easier waiting for the mail every day for the foreseeable. At least I know there won't be a great thump as my m/s comes back, because I failed to send the flippin' envelope!

But anyway, it's gone. Wish me luck?


  1. GOOD LUCK! If it's half as fabulous as the other stuff I've read of yours, the agent will be snapping it up. If not, then they're not so fabulous after all :)

  2. YAY!!!! Go, Joanne! That's awesome news. Keep us posted eh? And yes, sending heaps of luck your way.

  3. Why thank you, my anitpodean buddies. :o)

    Will def keep you posted, you know I cannot keep my mouth shut at the best of times, lol!

  4. Congratulations, Jo. : ) Great news! I wouldn't worry about the envelope, you'll be getting a CALL from that agent!

  5. Tina, hello!
    I can't believe I forgot it, I was in such a faff. But thank you for waving pompoms for me. :o)

  6. Yay, Jo! I can see the trail of sparkly Minxy dust between you and the agent all the way from here.

  7. Thank you Phillipa x

    Hey Romy, I count myself lucky to have such minxylicious friends. x

  8. *spreads more Minxy dust*. I agree with the others, there's no way super fab agent can't like your work because it's awesome!

  9. If nothing else, i'm glittering like a fairy on a christmas tree, lol!
    Thanks for your encouragement, Catherine xx

  10. Arriving very late, but everything crossed, Jo.