Monday, 14 November 2011

Still breathing... just.

Scrape me up someone, i've just come to the end of editing my ST manuscript, THE LIGHTHOUSE.
I have somehow ended up with more words than the last draft. Err, that doesn't sound very good, does it?

But... ( and yes, here comes the bit where I justify myself wildly. Yeah, but.... yeah, but... )

But... I know that I edit quite heavily as I write, so I might not be the speediest but I do write quite clean.
And also, in my defence, I have added in a couple of whole new scenes, so am landing the blame squarely on that.
That's my story and i'm sticking to it. And it's my story, so I can do what I like at this stage, lol!

Have since printed it out and of course am now spotting a zillion places to re-edit the edited edits. (Did I just have a Donald Rumsfeld moment?)
It's a bit like painting the Forth bridge. When does it end? When should you stop tinkering? Do I go back in for another round? No clue.
It's ended up at 83k, which is kind of where I was hoping to be so am glad.

I have to say a mahoosive thank you to the fabulous, gorgeous, ever-so-clever and eagle-eyed minxes, for not shouting IT'S SHITE at the top of their voices, and for sticking a mirror under my nose every now and then to make sure i'm still breathing. You are super cool ladies, I thank my lucky stars.

Am going to take a breather. By the looks of the lists the kids have already stuck on the fridge, Christmas is coming...


  1. Yay, Jo! I'm so excited for you.
    I'm have a heavy editing hand, too. So I empathize with you there.
    Your word counts sounds spot on for a single title. Congrats and good luck!
    Ack! Christmas is coming??? ; )

  2. Just read the typos in my comment. Maybe I should start editing those too. >:(

  3. You done good, Jo Minx.

    This story sparkles, and it's not just the Minxy dust doing the sparkling!

  4. Big round of applause Jo, that's fab news! Now, start sending it out there!

  5. And I'm very late indeed - but second Sally's WOO.