Thursday, 2 August 2012

My book has a title!

Exciting news!

The competition organised by HarperCollins to find the perfect title for my new book ended a couple of weeks back, and i'm thrilled to be able to share the new official title with you now...

it's going to be...


Undertaking Love

Isn't it gorgeous?

Many thanks to HarperCollins and everyone who entered, and especially to Sheena who came up with the winning entry.
It's a great play on words and it shouts out romance, which was what I really wanted.

Next stop the cover. It's going to have my name on and everything!

I think I'll burst with excitement when that happens.


  1. Fabulous title!
    Testing it out... Undertaking Love by Jodie James...
    yup, it's a winner! dying to see the cover!

  2. It's lovely, isn't it?

    Thanks Sally! x

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  4. Thanks for the mention, Jo!
    Can't wait until it's out!

  5. Hey Sheena, title queen extraordinaire!

    It's going to be pretty cool to see it on the cover, isn't it?


  6. I just can't wait. I got my prize today as well-

    As if I needed a prize too!

  7. Bah, I'm late to this. Just wanted to say I love the title! Can't wait till the cover!!