Sunday, 17 January 2010

Back to the casting couch...

Oh the drama.
Having cast Jack & Nancy, i'm now going to throw a hollywood strop and sack Jack.
He is indeed one gorgeous specimen, but his youthful good looks are causing me angst!
He may be mid 30's in real life, but  he doesn't look it does he? And his role as clean living farm boy turned rookie reporter as Clark Kent keeps rearing it's ugly head - he's just not grubby enough to say the lines I need him to say. :o)
Sorry Smallville,  get your coat.

I'm therefore handing over the role of Jack into a more authoritative pair of hands - not to mention all together more wicked...


  1. Wicked indeed. Cannot view him the same after watching him in Californication.

  2. I like Jack 1, but current Jack is definitely a bit dirtier looking :-)

  3. I should say, in a good way of course :-)

  4. Very nice Joanne. Hero casting, now that's a nice way to spend a morning ;-)

    Sorry I missed you phone call news BTW. What great comments.

  5. He is isn't he Suzanne? You were on the money about Tom Welling, he did feel too young as I was writing him, and far too nice to say some of things Jack does. ;0)

    Hi Janette! Yeah, It was Californication that made him alpha for me, such a bad man but you can't help but love him.

    Hi Joanne, that's the difference between the two isn't it - Jack1 is def heroic, but Jack2 has the edge on raw sex appeal. It's a funny thing, I didn't find David Duchovny especially attractive in his youth, I think he's one who gets better with age!

    Hi Lorraine! I almost left you a message on your blog this morning to ask if you were OK as you'd been awol for a while, so I am glad you've popped up today.:o) I read you've been unwell and things got more chaotic, really hope things calm soon and you feel better.
    Yup, hero casting is a GREAT way to while away the morning.
    Beats this horrible tax return i'm battling with.
    They lie on the adverts, tax IS taxing. :o(

  6. Thanks Joanne, it's nice to be missed! I hope the wretched tax return has been beaten into submission :-)

    I've nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award BTW.