Thursday, 7 January 2010

D-Day...or should that be C Day?

Today was call day, 1.30pm, perfectly planned for kids at school and nursery, husband at work, TV off...I was good to go.  

I sat there, nice cuppa on the table, all ready with hard copy of my chapter and synopsis, brand new christmas note pad cracked open in honour of the occasion, pen lid off, phone next to me on the sofa.  
Picked up the laptop and put it down in case I couldn't put it down fast enough when the phone rang. Drank some tea. 
Double & triple checked the telephone to make sure it was actually working. Drank more tea. 
Picked up the laptop again and checked i'd sent the right tel number in with my comp entry, put the laptop back down again. 
Sat in silence chewing my lip. Doodled in new pad. Finished tea. 
Picked up laptop and emailed husband in a faff - should I email Kim? Desperate for a wee but didn't want to go in case phone went.  
Couldn't wait (pelvic floor not what it was, have given birth to two children!) so dashed upstairs and of course the bloody phone rang - bit head off cold caller - GET OFF MY RUDDY LINE!!!! 
3pm, gave up and sent friendly email to advise I was going out to get the boys from school.
And so far, no reply. 

I am guessing that Kim's most probably struggling with weather related complications, as only yesterday she confirmed that we were still good for this afternoon. We've had power cuts here intermittently this evening, so I'd not be at all surprised if it's been as bad and probably far worse down there. I'm completely sure that if she could have been in touch then she would have been, even if only to re arrange.
So I'll be having a fortifying brandy in a minute, and hoping all's well down in Surrey. It'll happen soon enough i'm sure, and strangely I feel less nervous about it after the anti climax of today.
I think I've peaked in the panic stakes!


  1. that's a real anti-climax, isn't it? I can so picture you there with your cuppa and your new notebook willing the phone to ring. Hopefully there'll be a lovely email in your inbox tomorrow morning along with a new call time. Enjoy that brandy, you definitely deserve it.


  2. I think you deserve a large brandy. And think I'll have one with you - I'm totally stressed just reading about it.

    I'm sure you'll hear soon.

  3. Oh bummer! How annoying! Well... I'm sure it'll be worth it!


  4. Thanks guys, the brandy went down well and def steadied my nerves some more. :o)

    We're now back on for Monday afternoon next week, fingers crossed the snow that's forecast over the weekend doesn't scupper the plan!

  5. Aargh, Ruddy snow eh? I'm currently bemoaning the panic buyers who've deprived me of milk for tea (I'm a tea-aholic), by the time we stopped being snowed in the shop shelves were bare! Good luck for Monday.

  6. Hi Lorraine, thank you. You have it much worse than we do up there don't you, I hear more on the way too. Keep warm!
    This panic buying is mad isn't it - no salt or bread in our shop today.
    Calm down people!

  7. Oh no! What an anticlimax.

    Good luck for tomorrow :-)

  8. HI Joanne, thank you...I think `i was wrong about my nerves having peaked, they've ramped up again. Roll on this time tomorrow.

  9. Hi Joanne,

    just stopping by to pass on Jilly's best wishes for your call tomorrow. BTW, she can't wait to read your chapter :-)


  10. ah, that's really nice. Thank you Jilly! x