Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Full steam ahead

I've had word back from M & B - it's a green light for the revised plot, with some cautionary notes to think about as I go along. Phew! I'm really glad, as I didn't actually have a plan C!
One of the things i'm mulling over at the mo is time scales. How long a period is realistic for two love-allergic people to do a complete about turn and reach their HEA? My original synopsis kind of tied it all up within six weeks, but would that actually happen in real life? I'm not so sure.
The shiny new plot removes Jack's late wife & child completely, & allows more scope for sizzle & playfulness, which is good. What isn't so good is that I still want Jack to be wearing a wedding ring in the opening scene, so he's needs to have / had a wife. I'm currently going with recently divorced rather than killing her off, although I may change my mind and lop off her head with helicopter blades if I get desperate! One to try and avoid I think.
The Ed's asked for the first three chapters, and we've settled on a deadline of 28th Feb, the day before my birthday. :o) Although in actual fact it's not my birthday, as my real birthday is the 29th Feb, but it's as good as it gets for me most years.
That's not long away is it? I am full of nerves about it, the reality of what an extraordinary opportunity this is is setting in and I so don't want to blow it.
T - 25 days and counting...


  1. Good on you for setting a deadline. I've got revsions for a full, had a schedule but I might as well check that out the window now - so far behind...

    Good luck with your revsions!

  2. Hey there
    Congrats on the go ahead. I totally understand the nerves. I'm constantly petrified. I too have end of Feb as my deadline to deliver the first 30k!!!

    We'll charge forward together!


  3. Hello both! There's def some comfort to be had in knowing we are all in this together.
    Glasses of wine all round on the 28th Feb. x

  4. Does he have to be wearing a wedding ring? Or merely a ring that the heroine takes to be a wedding ring. FOr example a signet ring?
    If he was recently divorced why would he still be wearing a ring?
    It is probably a small point that you can find a way around.

  5. HI Michelle... you know, you've set me thinking there. Maybe it could be a signet ring, that's a possibility... at the moment i'm thinking of recently divorced, and rather than seeing an actual wedding ring she sees a strip of pale skin against his brown hand where he's quite obviously just removed a wedding ring. I'm still mulling it over, thank you for your idea, it's just given me another idea to ponder..

  6. Great news, Joanne! I like the idea of pale skin against his brown hand...

  7. Super! It must be a great feeling knowing you're good to go :-)

    I agree with Jackie, I like the idea of him having a strip of white on his wedding finger. Would make more sense than him still wearing his ring.

    And poor you with the birthday, that must have been confusing when you were a child :-) Actually, would still confuse me as an adult!

  8. Great news about the green light Joanne. I like the pale strip of flesh idea, sounds like a good way round it to me.

    So does your birthdate make you 9 or 10 or something???

  9. Congratulations on the green light - exciting stuff.

    And you're very nearly my astronomical twin (except that you're much younger and my birthday is the other side of the 28th).


  10. Sorry to be slow with replies, i'm trying to be strict with my intertnet time as I can lose hours...and hours....and hours!

    Hi Jackie, thanks - i'm pretty set on the band of pale skin now so I'm glad you think it works. I hope the Ed's do too! x

    HI Jo, yeah, it can be a bit confusing, although it's always worked to my advantage. My birthday's usually just set as March 1st, but then every four years everyone has to make a big old fuss because it's my 'real' birthday! x

    Hi Lorraine, good to see you. I guess i'm officially nine and a half this year! x

    Hiya Suzanne, cheer chuck. I don't think i'm much younger than you - in fact you look younger than me! I'm 38 in a few weeks, although i'm in complete denial about it.
    We pisceans are romantic dreamers apparently, surely that qualifies us as ideal romance writers? :o) x

  11. Hi,

    I haven't time to read the other replies/suggestions etc., but I think the wedding ring thingy could be a good ruse!!!

    Jack wear's it to ensure women don't get the wrong idea about him.

    Wedding ring generally equates to wife/ex wife/or dead wife.

    But, Jack's ring is a statement that whomever wants to run the deck with him knows that it won't involve commitment for his part!

    He's basically a " prize shit" where woman are concerned, ie; loves'em and leaves'em high and dry until the day he meets his nemesis = your wonderful leading lady!

    Just a thought, everyone loves a rogue-turned- decent . . . eventually.

    Six week turn-a-round? Pah, he'll be hard pushed to make it to two weeks, she no better, the hussy!