Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sexy food!


I'm planning a menu at the moment for my wip, and I need it to to be sexy with a capital S!

My H&H are currently in reluctant agreement not to act on their clear and present sexual chemistry, and are road testing the meal at the request of the chef. I'm going to use it to ramp up the already raging sexual tension between them, so every course needs to be sensual to look at and to eat ( but also believable as a meal you might be served in a swanky restaurant, so no, eating strawberries out of navels is not an option, lol!)

So... what would you serve? I'm thinking of oysters and champagne as a starter, but the main course is stressing me out. Dessert I'm thinking maybe something with fresh figs drizzled with honey.
Help? Any ideas for dishes that are sensual to watch someone else eat?

The partial is ticking along well I think, I've pretty much written the draught apart from this scene. Then obviously it'll need heavy editing before sending in, but should be good to go before the deadline of the end of the month.

It's tricker this week to find writing time though as it's half term and I have the tiny terrors under my feet all day, plus the weather's rubbish so we're all going slightly stir crazy. I've got a three year old drama king who's all about the temper tantrums at the moment, and a six year old professional wind up merchant who delights in riling him. Not a good combination, they've yet to agree on anything today. Bolt or Ice age 3? Dinosaurs or train tracks? Spaghetti or penne pasta for dinner? One wants one, one wants the other, and it ALWAYS ends up with shouting from the tiny but mighty one. It's about three hours until I can pour a glass of wine, not that I'm watching the clock or anything... I love them, but roll on Monday!

Valentines day was unexpectedly nice chez moi - heart shaped toast and jam in bed with a copy of the OK magazine. We know how to live in our house, haha!


  1. I wish I could help - but I'd be feeding them ready meals (albeit M&S ready meals).

    Can't wait to hear what you decide on...

  2. Hi,

    Sexy food, huh?

    Yeh, oysters can be if you're the sort of woman/man who likes her romantic date chucking oysters to the back of his/her throat and gulping them down like they're vile tasting.

    Caviar is sexy because one sort of sips at it, or it is eaten delicately as one does with dainty canape. Lots of "tongue swirling" and or "lip licking" especially if served on tiny flaky/puff pastry flatties or with flat bread dippers!!

    Both the above better eaten in private (room service) rather than restaurant.

    As for sexy restaurant eating you can't beat Chinese. Lots of dangly bits and use of chop sticks!

    Good luck


  3. How about Asparagus dripping with butter? Or, even better, how about globe artichokes?

  4. lol Suzanne, at least it's M&S!

    Hey Francine, that made me titter - lots of dangly bits!

    Hiya Sally, I've been thinking about asparagus - will have to google artichokes, i've not eaten them before...thank you!

    At the mo I've written it with oysters & champagne, linguine, and for pud warmed half figs drizzled with honey...all subject to change of course. :o)

  5. Yes, butter is sexy. I like the oysters & champagne, linguine. Could there be something he feeds her? Or is that just too far...

  6. Hiya Maggie - you have no idea how close you are.:o)

    I've settled on oysters, champagne, linguine and warm figs - and yes, he does feed her something at one point!

    I'm just editing the chapters into something readable at the mo, it's hard isn't it.
    Will drop you a line at home in a sec...xx

  7. Just popped by to wish you a very


  8. Hi Joanne,

    it's the morning of the 1st here so I feel like I've missed your birthday. Hope it was/is terrific,


  9. Thank you both! I've had a really lovely birthday weekend, lots of nice food, good company and pretty presents. I'm a lucky girl to have such a great clan. :o)

    Robyn - not late at all, I usually don't have my birthday until March 1st, we just celebrated this weekend because it's nicer than a Monday - the perk of not having an actual birthday!