Monday, 19 April 2010

Happy days!

Hooray Hooray Hooray!

Email in my inbox today from HM&B. Cue HUGE churn of stomach and a few deep breaths before letting myself click on it. For some reason I had to clear the room before I could read it, had to send the kids into the garden and flap around for a second before opening it.

Anyway, the lovely editor gave me positive feedback on my partial, and a request for the full manuscript. :o)

Feeling ridiculously happy - top of the world in fact!

I need to email back a rough completion date, and then get my head well and truly down.

Might just have a little glass of celebratory vino tonight first though... :o)



  1. WONDERFUL NEWS - huge congratulations.


  2. Great news, Joanne!! Fantastic! Good luck huh?

  3. yay, Joanne!! See, your patience paid off. :-) Well, and the short wait tells me that clearly the submission fairies LOVE you. :-D

  4. Thank you :o)

    Submission fairies huh? I love that thought...

  5. Huge congrats!! You must be hot stuff! So what's the writing plan now?

  6. Woot! Congratulations!!!!!!!! That's wonderful news. Very well done!

  7. Fabulous news Joanne, congratulations!

    Now - down to business - I've read the first chapter, what happens after the lift!

    No wait - don't tell me - save it for when I have to buy the book!

  8. Thanks all. :o) <--- that's still me smiling, I think I even went to sleep grinning last night.

    Rach, the plan is to be completed and sent by May 28th, which gives me six weeks including this one (which is alarmingly full of other things already).
    I've committed myself to the date by email now - I like having deadlines, i'm more of a drifter without them. She did kindly say that if I need more time to just let her know, but i'm going to do my best to meet it.
    It coincides with the kids breaking up for whit, which is good as writing around them is nigh on impossible, you know?

    Susan - i've never read a medical romance before, i'm saving myself for yours. :o)

  9. Great news, Joanne! HUGE congratulations!! I know you can do this, but I'm sending you lots of cyber good luck anyway :-)

    All best wishes,


  10. Hi Jilly! Thank you. x

    It's really great to see you, i've been wondering how things are going with you? Hope you're having a wonderful time with it all. xx

  11. Going with me? Mmmm ... s-l-o-w-l-y. All down to the day-job, I'm afraid. But come the weekend I get Ross all to myself, so I've really no reason to complain :-)

    You go for it, girl. All guns blazing. No holding back, now. You know it makes sense :-)

    Jilly x

  12. Weekends with Ross sounds rather delicious actually Jilly! ;o)

    Lots and lots of luck, I am DYING to read your book. xx

  13. Oh, huge congrats! And the others are right, definitely fairy dust on that sub :-)

    Hope your full flies off your fingers and your ed loves it!

  14. Oh gawd, I hope so too Joanne. Cheers! x

  15. Huge congrats Joanne! I bet it won't be long before we're hearing more good news from you :-)

  16. Fab news, Joanne! I'm glad you heard back in time to stop you gnawing your fingers to the bone :) Now use those fingers and write, write, write! Congrats!


  17. HI Lorraine
    Thank you - it's good to see you around! x

    Thanks Maya! I WAS really lucky to hear so quickly and keep my fingers intact. :o) x