Thursday, 1 April 2010

Back to biting my nails...

I've just pressed send on my revised partial, and feel a bit giddy already!

Email pinged back right back in to say thanks and they'll get back to me after the Easter break - please let me cultivate some patience this time around? Someone stop me if I cave in and think about emailing them in a week or so?
I *think* it's much stronger for the revisions, I just desperately hope that they feel the same over in Richmond.
I'm looking forward to the Easter hols - what's not to love about a house full of chocolate? I Especially love the part when the kids are in bed and I can launch a stealth attack on their egg supply. :o)


  1. Good Luck and Happy Easter! Still slugging through my revs and it looks like I'm not going to be able to send it for an other month at least.
    Enjoy the kids chocs! I find they are the sweetest!

  2. Good on ya! That was quick. Like Janette - I'm still slogging away on mine :(

  3. LOL - I just re read my comment. I'm not slugging - I'm slogging... That's what sleep deprivation does to ya!

  4. Congratulations on the request for a revised partial, and for sending it! Good luck! :)

  5. Hi,

    A big thumbs up and crossed fingers!

    Enjoy the Easter Break, lot's of chocolate, and maybe "Easter Bunnies" will incite naughty characters to step forth in your mind, hence keep your fingers and keyboard occupied!


  6. Well done Joanne, hope you get positive news! Nail biting is definitely allowed

  7. Best of luck to you, Joanne!! Let me know if your send finger gets itchy after a couple of days and I'll restrain you...LOL.

  8. Hi Janette,
    Thanks! lol at slugging, that's actually just how I feel most of the time. :o)

    Hey rach, good luck with yours too.

    Hi Leah! thanks, it's good to meet you.

    Hiya Francine - I'll have to stock up on chocolate bunnies and see if inspiration strikes me. ;o)

    Hi Susan, thank you! I don't think i'll have any nails left at all...

    Hey Maisey, one day unreasonable to say I'm already getting itching? lol! I may need a cyber slap by the middle of next week!

  9. It always takes courage to press send - well done.

    Enjoye the chocolate - you deserve it.


  10. Good luck, Joanne! You and me will be waiting for a response together I think! Hoping for good news for both of us eh?

  11. Hi Suzanne, Thank you! diet for the last four days has consisted mostly of mini eggs, so it's safe to say I've enjoyed it. :o) x

    Hey Jackie, safety in numbers, right?
    We can tremble behind a bush together, preferably with a bottle of vino & a bag of the afore mentioned mini eggs!
    Hoping for double good news soon. x

  12. Oooerr! Did anyone not catch that???
    I can say it again if you like! :o)