Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Lucky 7

I saw this Lucky 7 meme on Julie Cohen's blog this morning. I can't resist these things, and love to read the tiny snippets of manuscripts and wonder what happened next.

Rules: go to p77 of your current work, 7th line down, and paste the next 7 sentences. Then tag 7 others.

My seven sentences are from The Lighthouse, which is about Marla Jacobs, whose little white wedding chapel is facing ruin when Gabriel Ryan rocks up and opens a funeral parlour next door.

This excerpt is from a conversation that takes place in the street outside the funeral parlour on the morning that Gabriel opens for business.

The word made Marla's tongue feel too big in her mouth.
"Your boyfriend?"
"Yes, Gabriel, my boyfriend. As in a man I actually enjoy spending time with, rather than one who is trying to ruin me?"
Okay. Maybe that came out a little more caustic than necessary, but the man riled her something rotten. Why had he instructed his jumped up secretary to lie to her? And God knows he had no business looking so effortlessly cool in a suit,  his barely tamed curls kissing his collar like a flirty Sunday morning lover. 

I *think* I may have cheated and gone to eight sentences there. Don't shoot me.:O)

I'm proper incapable of tagging people, so i'll just pass it on and say have a bash if you haven't already done it - it's fun, but it's also interesting to see if your tiny segment says anything when it's on its lonesome.


  1. Is he a funeral director?!? I love funeral directors.


  2. He sure is! Lethally handsome, Irish and spends his days with dead people. What more could a girl ask for?

  3. Yummy Gabriel!!! That's all I have to say...:-)

  4. This the most fab book, can't wait for it to be on the shelves! And I love the snippet, it certainly does give a good flavour!

  5. Thanks lovely minxettes! God knows you've had to read this book a million times already, you must feel like you know Gabe personally, lol!

  6. What a wow excerpt! I'll blog mine next week.

  7. Cheers, lovely! Looking forward to reading yours. x