Friday, 6 August 2010

A BIG Thank you

A BIG HUGE MASSIVE Thank you all so much for your lovely words of support and encouragement on my last post. You're all really fabulous buddies, and I know you understand how truly crappy R's feel better than anyone in my rl possibly could.

I've decided that the only way is up, and to that effect I've joined up with the Shirley Jump August workshop rather than sitting on my laurels and letting myself dwell. *Waves to Rach & Susan*

I can't lie, getting that R was pretty horrible. But I've read and re-read the email many times over, and every time it makes a little more sense. In truth, my ms just wasn't up to it.
There's alot more to writing for M&B than having a bit of a flair with words, and I have a heck of alot to learn about the craft before I'm going to be able to hit the mark.
But I'm gonna try to have some faith in myself - I can do this, I'm going to work harder and one day it won't be a rejection.

Cupcakes and champagne are on me, because it would certainly be a much lonelier road without the fantastic shoulders of my blog buddies to lean on. xxx


  1. Yum! Cupcakes AND champagne. One of my favourite combos :-) I love that you're so determined and so positive already. Keeping on WILL get you there!

  2. Sending hugs, but seriously you will learn to work with your talent. It takes time and a lot of hard work. It took Nora Roberts 16 years before she had a number one bestseller on the NYT.
    You want to put your best work out there. And if they saw too many holes, then they will reject and ask for something new. With each ms you complete, your writing grows.
    YOu have an editor now. Wirte something goregous.

  3. Oooh I'm in for cupcakes and champagne! Shirley's course is great thus far isn't it Joanne (and Susan)! There is sooooooooooooo much to learn in this business...

  4. Hey Robyn, good to see you. Thank you - have the biggest cupcake you can find x

    Hi Michelle, thanks so much, your words really resonated with me today. You're right - I do still have someone who wants to read my work, and I'm going to do my level best to make the very most of that and write something gorgeous. x

    Rach! Have a glass of bubbles honey, see you over in class x

  5. What a lovely combination Joanne :-)
    The only way is up (oh dear, can't get the Yazz version of that song out of my head now!) and just think if you got all the way to a senior ed read on your first attempt what will you do with your next???

  6. Hugs again, but at the same time I'm so proud of you for your positive attitude! Getting back on that writing horse takes guts and you're already there! keep at it. You'll succeed! Now I'm sneaking up to help myself to a cupcake ... xx

  7. Thank you lovely Minxes! Drink bubbly with me and get squiffy.
    Here's to not falling off the horse!

    (dodgy disco choice though Lorraine. Maybe we should follow Yazz up with 'Things can only get better' for full effect!)

  8. Hi,

    You gotta singalong with "UP WHERE WE BELONG" it's a great number when the bubbles are brimming cut-glass flutes and things are looking a little misty. Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes really knew how to put lyrics to music.

    Glad you're making positive waves today.

  9. Ohhh lovely. Cupcakes and champers! Here's to you Joanne! Caroline x

  10. was that the one about ' mountains in our way' and ' the road is long' Francine? Pretty fitting! lol! Any more disco classics for the rejection CD?

    Cheers Caroline! hic!

  11. I'm definitely in, those cupcakes look fab! Feeling like the slacker in class already since some other "Good" students have put in their homework, have to catch up, see you there!

  12. Yeah, but Susan - I fluffed my hw so being hasty is a MISTAKE.
    I am blaming my mindfog on the R. ;o)

  13. OK, so the slacker has finally posted her homework but feels as if she has to make a confessions to her fellow friends and classmates Joanne and Rach. I cheated. But you know that already don't you? We were only allowed to post three paragraphs so I 'magically' stuck two together to allow me to post it all. I'm sure Shirley will see through me straight away and I'll get wrapped over the knuckles! Stay away from the bad classmate x

  14. lol Susan! We will be the terrible trio at the back passing notes under the desk.:o)

  15. Argh, Lorraine, not Yazz! Now I have that in my head! :-)
    Go you, Joanne! You'll get there girl. Seeing why they R'd it is the first step to making sure the next one is even better. And attitude is all. Don't let the b*stards grind you down.
    BTW, the champagne is lovely and the cupcakes are yum. Cheers m'dear! :-)

  16. You can so do it!

    Your writing is fab, keep the advice from the eds in mind when writing your new sub and it'll be second time lucky :-)

    We're all right behind you.

  17. Hey Jackie. :o) That's one of the top sayings in our house too, and very true. Thanks for listening to my rambling today. x

    Hey Jo - I will do it with my new found sparkly minxy dress on this time, and then they'll have no choice but to love me! x

  18. LOL Susan and Joanne - I cheated too! I didn't rewrite but posted something I wasn't sure about. I LIKE The Terrible Trio!

  19. Eeek! I was found out! Did you see it?
    She wrote NEW PARAGRAPH on my homework and she obviously thinks I'm a complete halfwit and don't know where the paragraphs should be.
    That will teach me to cheat!
    Bad girls all to the back of the class! x

  20. lol! at least yours had a goal - mine was just a few sentences of nothing!

    Note to self - must try harder!

  21. am loving the info and hand outs though, and Shirley is great isn't she? Am very glad I stumbled upon it in my hour of need, and even gladder that you two are on it at the same time. :o)

  22. Hope I'm not too late for some bubbly! Now I have Yazz stuck in my head too! It has been years since hearing it.

    Glad that you are moving on, its hard, but its gotta be done (just remind me to do the same when I hear back on my mss).

  23. Thanks Janette - this bottle of bubbly is never ending, pull up a chair. x

  24. Why not email me about this nasty old R? I'd love to hear from you, Joanne.