Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Down but not out...

Heard back today on my full ms.
Big old R.
I can't lie, it hurt like... well, like only a rejection can, I guess.

I think i'd worked myself up into hoping for revisions, so to realise I was too far wide of the mark to warrant them was a good old wake up call.

Am feelin' really, really blue.

BUT - it was a really nice email, lots of detail and kind encouragement, and I know that after a couple of days sticking my bottom lip out and feeling sorry for myself, i'll pick myself up and keep on keeping on.

They have said I can send in something new, which is a relief of course and I'm very glad to not have had the door closed, but just for tonight I'm going to drink wine and throw myself a pity party.

Big thank you to the minxy girls for being fabulous shoulders.

Business as usual tomorrow though. When the going gets tough, and all that.



  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Joanne!!! BIG commiserations - I was there last month so I do KNOW how you feel. To have that full progress up the food chain to the Senior Ed and then knocked out of the game hurts like hell. I've probably taken longer than I should to get over it. But we WILL get over it and one day... we'll be shelf buddies xox

  2. Joanne - tell me about it lovie. Been EXACTLY in your shoes. Got the runner up. Got the full request. Got the revisions (two sets!). And then got the big fat R. Hurts like hell. If you feel like emailing me to chat with someone who's been there and got the t-shirt, feel free. coates dot jackie at gmail dot com.
    Big hugs to you!

  3. Awww...Joanne. So sorry to hear it. Throw yourself a big fat party, darling, but not just a pity party (thought you can have that too!) but a party celebrating your accomplishments, your general fabulousness, how far you've made it, and making it that far...and beyond...on your next sub.

  4. ((BIG HUGS)) It sucks, it really does. Like Maisey said remember to celebrate your awesomeness too. Sending cyber chocolate your way!

  5. So sorry to hear about your R! I too know what it's like - what do you know, we have a theme - but I LOVE that you're already looking forward. I've got to say I'm nowhere near that quick off the mark... I must just be a far bigger sook :-)

  6. Oh no :( I'm so sorry to hear this Joanne. I've been there, too, almost certain my full ms would at least get a request for revisions, and then a big fat (although encouraging) R.

    My suggestion would be to put your letter aside for at least a week before you read it again. It took me a bit of distance to actually see the good stuff despite the "However, there were a few problems with this particular story that make it unsuitable for publication."

    You don't happen to live anywhere near London do you? I'll be there next month, and am going to the one of the New Voices workshops, would love to meet you :)

  7. Awww, hugs. Those R's really suck big time huh? Chin up, this can only make you stronger, better!

  8. Joanne, really sorry to hear about the R. To be honest I'm surprised as I had read your first chapter online and loved it - I thought it sizzled!
    Please don't lose heart, you still have opportunities, think of the New Voices contest, you would only need one chapter for september and think of the prizes...

  9. Hugs on the R, Jo. Its a boulder on the path to publication. Climb over it, walk around it, or blast it with your handy minx rejection blaster (you've received that in the post, right?). You're an OUTSTANDING writer. When the pain of that R eases, you'll be back on that path and bravely heading back to M&B gold.

  10. Oh I love Sally's comment and can't say anything any better.

    So just sending love and hugs xxx

  11. Jo, just to let you know that I'm also doing Shirley Jump's class. So well done you for getting on with it, see you there!

  12. Oh Joanne, that R feels like the absolute pits, as a few of us here know only too well:-(

    But Leah's so right. Try and put it aside for a while (easier said than done, I know)because right now you won't see beyond any negatives when I'd bet my basque there's a load of positives in there.

    And here's a couple to be going on with: this was your first attempt at writing category and you won runner-up out of 544 entries. That's 5-4-4, so just think about that for a moment. And you got as far as the Senior Ed, a place where people who've subbed umpteen times have never even come close to. That's one hell of an achievement you've managed to pull off. And it means you've got talent and that R doesn't change that and it's certainly not personal, though it sure as hell feels like it. It just means that category's so hard to write for, and nailing it isn't easy to do.

    But you've got that talent, that spark and that sass and I know that at some point - hopefully the next - you'll make that one final step. Scream and sulk, you're entitled to do that - do whatever you need to. Just don't give up. You're one of those Minxes so quitting just isn't allowed :-)

    Much love and cyber hugs,

    Jilly x

  13. Hi,


    It sucks when it happens - so close yet so far . . .

    If it'll cheer you up I've just posted the Big R on my blog! Hell, I've got nothing to hide, I've been published in paperback before and that credit can't be erased, so whatever comes along in the form of rejections ain't half as bad as sky-diving! An eds rejection is par for the course of writing so too criticism and ewites. Rejection in my particular case this time pretty much expected, if it hadn't been I'd have been bloody gobsmacked ! ;)

    Chin up kiddo,

    received a few days ago from new publisher on the block (expected, but

  14. Super hugs on the "R". But I echo Sally's great words. You will do it. Caroline x