Thursday, 12 August 2010

Fortune favours the brave

 I'm not an especially brave person, so the idea of entering another Mills & Boon writing competition was always going to make me shudder like the cowardly lion. And if i'm totally honest, I'd sort of decided against it until I got my big old R last week - I guess I was more hopeful than I had grounds to be.

I've been thinking about the New Voices Comp quite a lot since that email hit my in-box. I've mulled it over, chatted about it with clever blog friends and family, and I *think* i've pep talked myself into entering again this year.

First and foremost for me, it's about being part of the experience.
I was extraordinarily fortunate to place last year, and since then i've worked my way through that manuscript to it's eventual end last week. It's been a consuming year of learning by my own mistakes, of discovering a huge passion for writing, and of trying (in vain) to cultivate some much needed patience.

 I have no expectation of any success in this years comp, in fact if anything it's more a case of the opposite.
I am frightened that everyone will hate my sub and wonder how I ever placed previously.
But then that's that pesky lion speaking again isn't it?  I'm trying to push him to the back of my mind and lock him away in a huge metal cage.

The fact is, I want to write for Mills & Boon just about more than I want anything else in the world.

And the other fact is that achieving that dream is damn hard, but then do the things you want in life ever come easy?

 This competition is a truly fabulous way to get your work directly under the nose of the people who can actually make that happen.
It's a chance to develop and grow as a writer, and to get some valuable feedback from both the public and hopefully from an editor too.
How cool is that really?

As a result of last weeks R I'm in the process of preparing a new sub to send in to M&B, so entering the competition offers the otherwise impossible opportunity to have two subs in at the same time.
And that, my friends, is gold dust isn't it?

Someone smart advised me to treat the time as an aspiring romance writer like the worlds longest job interview, and to be successful you have to show commitment & tenacity.
Approach it with a business like attitude.
Give it your absolute best.
In other words - don't make like the lion.
This isn't the time to let nerves or fear of injured pride get in the way.

It's an amazing opportunity, one to grab with both hands.
So slay your lion, gather your courage, and grab, people.


  1. It's going to be great! I'm really looking forward to it, even if it's just as a reader!

  2. I agree - I am sure it'll be fantastic! Still on the fence about entering myself, but its looking more attractive with wach passing day...

  3. Go Joanne! Worth a crack Nigel, as they say in Kiwi land. :-)

  4. Fabulous Joanne, can't wait to read your entry online!

  5. You're right to enter, Jo, its a great opportunity, and shows the editors that you've got what it takes (tenacity and talent) to be a M&B author. Bravo!

  6. Hi Lacey! Yeah me too - are you not entering?

    Janette, I was like that. But hey - why would you not really?

    Hiya Jackie - Love that saying! I might start to drop it into my everyday chat, lol. Now... you ARE entering, aren't you...?

    Thanks Susan! xx

    That's it isn't it really Sally, I want to at least show a bit of staying power, even if it tuns out to be a howler!

  7. It is an amazing opportunity - and I think it's going to be fun.


  8. Most definitely Suze, most definitely.

  9. Great to see you coming out fighting, Joanne - you can't keep a good Mod Heat girl down for long :-)

    And it does sound like fun! The very best of luck to you - and to everyone else who's planning to enter :-)


  10. Hi Joanne,

    Why not indeed - GO FOR IT!

    What was it 540 plus ms last comp, maybe it'll hit 1,000 going by the interest that's being shown in the blogging network worldwide.

    Best of luck, and like I said I'm putting one up, and it'll no doubt sustain a lot of shot! ;) But what the hell, it'll be fun and no tears from moi even if its left wingless and tail feathers gone - I'll turn it into an ascot hat for 2011!

  11. lol Jilly, i'll strap on my modern heat boxing gloves before I go in. x

    Francine, you do make me giggle.Ascot hat indeed. :o)
    Yeah, I expect the numbers will be scary won't they? But it's exciting too that we will be able to read all of the entries eh?

  12. Go for it Joanne! Fingers crossed you wow the editors again!